Rail Anchor

We manufacture different types of rail anchors including “T” type, used where the fastenings system requires extra creep resisting arrangement. There are various shapes of the anchor made of rolled bars of various sections. The anchors when driven in rail feet, grip the rail firmly and when set against sleepers resist longitudinal movement of Rails caused by passing trains.

Screw Spike/Coach Screw

One of the most popular rigid rail fixation items, are extensively used to tighten the rail track on wooden or concrete tie. Screw Spikes are used for fixing tie plates on the wooden ties in pre-bored holes and with plastic inserts pre-cast in concrete sleepers. They are extensively used on high-speed tracks with the extremely popular H.M. fastening


We manufacture different types of Washers (Plain & Spring) in accordance to International Level specifications including IS, BS, EN, DIN, GOST and others. The spring washers are manufactured from spring steel bars.


  • Providing greater bolt tension per unit of applied torque tighter assemblies
  • Providing hardened bearing surface to create more uniform torque control
  • Providing uniform load distribution through controlled radii-section-cutoff
  • Providing protection against looseness resulting from vibration & corrosion