Fish plates

Fish plates are also known as joint bar, splice bar and angle bar. We have in-house rolling, forging, machining, drilling/punching facility to manufacture all types of fishplates to suit all rail sections such as UIC 60, UIC 54, U33, BS 80A, BS 90A, IRS 52 KG, IRS 90 Lbs, 115 RE, 136 RE, TJ 45, TJ 37, RN 45 etc.

  • Normal Fish Plate

    4 holed or 6 holed Fish Plate to suit 60 kg, UIC, 54 kg UIC, 52 kg UIC, 52 kg, 90A, 90R, 80A, 80'O', 88'O', 75R, 60R, 115 RE, 132 RE, 50R rails etc., are within our regular production range.

  • Joggled Fish Plate

    Specially forged Fish Plates for temporary repair of cracked welded rail joints with Clamp assembly to suit various rail sections are readily available.

  • Combination Fish Plates

    Specially designed Fish Plates to join two different rail sections are being regularly produced for various customers.