The switches are manufactured maintaining the technical specification of IRS, UIC and CEN, as per requirements of the customers. The manufacturing process are employing the latest CAD/CAM systems along with latest manufacturing and testing facilities.

Types of switches we are manufacturing

  • Fabricated Curved Switch 1 in 7 , 1 in 8.5 & 1 in 12 for 52 Kg & 60 Kg Rail
  • Complete Turnout sets 1 in 7, 1 in 8.5 & 1 in 12 for 60 Kg & 52 Kg Rail with PSC & Steel Sleepers
  • Scissor X Over Crossing 1 in 8.5 & 1 in 12 for 52 Kg & 60 Kg Rail & Diamond Crossing
  • Derailing Switch for 52 Kg & 60 Kg Rail

Thick Web Switch

We offer a complete Thick we switch with Heat Treated Welded Crossing solution ranging from high-speed moveable crossings and their associated actuation, locking and detection systems through to CNC machined mono block tramway switches, which include removable blades.

We design, manufacture and assemble switches and crossings.

Our JV can offer widened product and technology portfolio including swing nose crossings and switch and crossing monitoring equipment, we are ideally placed to meet the rapidly changing requirements of the railway industry. We have fully equipped Machine shop along with CNC controlled machines for manufacturing turnouts. The turnouts can be made to suit Wooden, Concrete or Steel layout. We fabricate customized prompt solutions for switches and crossings that are cost effective.

Head hardening

Head hardening treatment on rail is an economical and effective way of prolonging the service life of rail by improving the rail’s mechanical properties. We introduced an improved rail head hardening technology with adopting new induction heating coil, new coolant and cooling device and new cooling mechanism. The properties of rail treated by this improved head hardening technique are tested systemically.

The results show that the improved head hardening technology not only can greatly improve the mechanical properties and service performance of rail, but also is more reliable and safe on the technique. We design, manufacture and assemble switches and crossings.