Elastic Fastenings

We manufacture different types of elastic rail clips (ERC) depending on the toe load & axle load requirements of the customer. An ideal rail track assembly is characterized by the ease of its fitment at the time of laying of track, easy and economical maintenance, durability, economical life span and speedy replacement. Our elastic fastenings have served Indian and International Railways over a period of two decades


Lock Spikes

 Used to fix elastic fastening base plates on wooden sleepers.

Double Shank Spikes

 Double Shank Spikes are used in Wooden Sleepers and the design is “FIT and FORGET” type.

Inserts / Shoulders

 Inserts/Iron Shoulders are cast in the concrete ties for fixation of Elastic Rail Clips. Our Iron Shoulders are manufactured from pearl tic malleable iron (M.C.I. Inserts) and spheroid graphite iron (S.G.C.I. Inserts). We offer two types of Iron Shoulders: Single Stem Iron Shoulders mostly used in pre-stressed concrete ties, and Twin Stem Iron Shoulders commonly used in Bi-Block or Twin Block concrete ties.

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