Switch Expansion Joint

A Switch is an arrangement that enables the train to change its track so that it proceeds in the correct direction. This SEJ is a device, installed at the end of LWR/CWR, to allow the longitudinal movements in the breathing length due to temperature variations or we can say it is an arrangement that compensates with the natural changes in the track due to temperature variations and protects the technical standard dimension of the same. This arrangement ensures that there is no considerable variance in the parameters of the track so that there is no hindrance is created in the passage of the wheel over it. Both expansion and contraction are dealt with by the SEJ.

Improved Switch Expansion Joint

Improved Switch Expansion Joint. Rail movement joints are required when tracks are laid across engineering structures such as bridges and viaducts. These structures are exposed to changes in lengths due to ambient influences like traffic load, temperature and wind. These influences sometimes lead to angular rotations of the end spans in the abutment. Rail movement joints are installed to bridge such length variations and – if required – to accommodate angular rotations of the end spans.


Recently developed, this uses end forged asymmetrical section to manufacture the expansion joints providing and much better life span to the product .

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