Glued Insulated Rail Joint

These joints are used on track-circuited area. We are manufacturing a large number of Glued Insulated Rail Joints for different rails sections. Which are using on long welded rail section and continues welded rail sections for insulation of rail to the adjacent rails.

Mainly we are manufacturing G-3(L) type Glued Joints are assembled using two specially rolled solid Web-fit type Fish Plates of requisite length, which are glued to the rail ends by means of a high strength adhesive. Insulating liners, bushes, HTS bolts and end posts are provided to ensure adequate Electrical insulation.

In dry conditions the minimum electrical resistance of these joints are 25 mega-ohm and the minimum resistance in wet condition are 3 kilo-ohms.
The pull out strength of the joints are more than 150 Tonnes and can safely with stand high thermal forces of LWR/CWR through the joint.
We have all modern assembling, manufacturing and testing facilities to produce such joints.


Benefits to insulated steel joints:

Easy of installation at site, minimum number of components without the need for handling chemicals, welding, or detergents gives a total cost saving and reliable product with very high fatigue properties.
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