Railway Steel Sleepers

We manufacture Steel Trough Sleeper that is pressed out of rolled profiles from our rolling mill unit. These sleepers can be supplied with or without cant, with holes or with Welded arrangement of Base plates, shoulders etc. for fixing of rails as per the customer’s requirements. Steel sleepers are lightweight, dimensionally more accurate than wooden or concrete and regarded as an effective technical solution for modern rail networks. Jekay offers a wide range of steel sleeper designs for different applications, including for heavier axle loads and higher speeds.

The principle benefits of steel sleepers are

  • Time and cost savings at installation
  • Simple site preparation and installation
  • Improved stability
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Environmental benefits due to reduced ballast requirement
  • Sleeper finishing options
  • Lightweight design, leading to ease of handling

H Beam Sleeper with Zero Toe Load fastening and Fabricated Channel Sleeper for use on bridges

We manufacture H beam sleepers as well as fabricated channel sleepers for use on Railway Bridges along with all the accessories for fitment of running rails as well as guards’ rails. Specially designed Zero Toe Load Fastenings ( ZTLF) are provided to allow the required creep in the area.  All these sleepers and fittings are Hot dip Galvanized to attain higher durability and minimum maintenance.

H-Beam Sleepers IMG-06
H-Beam Sleepers IMG-07
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